Bruna Pellegrino
Creative and Photographer/ Post producer: images/ photo/ render 3D

Freelance photographer

Post producer Terzo Piano Studio Srl


+39347 689 4870

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Bruna moved to Milan in 2015 to undertake the study of photography at the IED Institute of Design, showing from the beginning a particular interest in architectural photography and still life in the studio. 

In March 2017 reading “Cities for People” by Jan Gehl and “Yes is more” by Bjarke Ingels she was fascinated by how in Denmark they had managed to keep the suburbs and the center equal, operating a homogeneous development. The attention for public spaces, sustainability, green around the residences was tangible. He thus began researching the Copenahgen city plan drafted by Peter Bredsdorff.

In 2018 with his photographic equipment he spent a few months in the Danish capital and then graduated in December with his first book “The Construction of a Hand: Copenhagen”, edited by critic and exhibition curator Angela Madesani. The title comes from the unique hand-shaped urban expansion.

In this book Bruna has combined her past studies in sociology with photography by selecting and shooting contemporary architecture dedicated to the growth of the person: museums, schools, hospitals, public spaces etc. etc. by Zaha Hadid, COBE, BIG, 3XN and Arne Jacobsen.
His photographic projects focus on the use, shapes, colors and materials used.
Architecture and design are arts that can improve people’s everyday life.
She exhibited at the Triennale museum in Milan, as creative director together with other colleagues, the video performance: “I got the look, remove before hate” against gender stereotypes.
She has taken photographs for the magazine Domus Web, Armani Casa, designer Federica Naj Oleari, the catalog of Tosco Studio.

-I emphasize the client’s product through visual and conceptual metaphors, lines and framing, colors and shapes, shadows and light.


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